My Favourite Video Game: Michael Webster

My Favourite Video Game is a guest feature from bands and artists where we set them a simple task… tell us about your favourite video game. In this feature alternative rock singer-songwriter Michael Webster accepts the challenge. You can read all about the choice below.

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I’ve got a good few favourite video games, from Halo to Minecraft, Skyrim and the such – but I’d have to say that my favourite is the Pokemon series. When I was younger one of the main luxuries my parents afforded me was a new Pokemon game when it came out; one of my earliest memories is getting Pokemon Yellow with the Pikachu game boy haha.

It was great as my mum would co-ordinate with my friends’ parents so that we had the different versions and were able to play together and collect all the Pokedex – this was a real part of my childhood from being super young to being a teenager. It brings back a lot of nostalgia and memories, staying up late on NYE with my friends having battles and tournaments, the good old days!

I even have the games now, the newer ones, but I often still play the old ones. It’s a real lovely throwback to my youth and something that’s got a real special place in my heart.


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