My Favourite Video Game Featuring: Void Collapse

My Favourite Video Game is a guest feature from bands and artists where we set them a simple task… tell us about your favourite video game. In this feature Shane Elwell of extreme metal band, Void Collapse took up the mantle and you can read all about his choices below.

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Okay, so my favorite game is one that I’m sure most people have heard of, it’s Destiny 2. If you haven’t D2 is a first person shooter/mmo with a futuristic setting. Right now it offers multiple campaigns, raids, strikes, pvp, all that.

Recently I switched to a Xbox Series S, from a PS4, and decided to start fresh with a new single character. I was running 3 characters one for each class, but it started becoming too hectic. My friend (who I was playing with on a regular basis) and I stopped playing for some reason awhile back, so I haven’t really been active for the last year or two. Every time I would log in, I would just be lost. I figured it best to just start over. I pretty much had to anyway with a different system.

I love everything about this game. Collecting and grinding for gear. The medieval mixed with futuristic design. I love how everything just flows together, and is seamless. A lot of the time it’ll be a few hours before I realize I’ve played most of a campaign, or done 5 or 6 objectives, because everything just flows. There is also a pve/pvp game mode that’s called Gambit. Two teams race to summon a boss then kill it. It’s the best thing ever, and worth the price of admission alone.

I’ve been playing since the D1 launch, and I’ll probably play as long as it’s out, in casual form at least. My daughter loves it also. I gave her my PS4, and I’m going to attempt to get her into a fire team with me this weekend since it’s cross platform now. So, that to me is what it’s about. I do play other games, but Destiny is my favorite.




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