My Favourite Video Game Featuring: Otherworldly Entity

My Favourite Video Game is a guest feature from bands and artists where we set them a simple task… tell us about your favourite video game. In this feature, dark and melodic metal band, Otherworldly Entity took up the mantle, and you can read all about the choice below.

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When it comes to video games, I don’t get much time to play. However, the game that I’ve been playing the longest is World of Warcraft. Somehow, this seems to be a super divisive game, but I’ve been playing it since Vanilla, so I can’t help but still love it. Especially with the evolution of the storyline and lore.

They seem to constantly get deeper (since Pandaria, that is), creating a more in-depth culture within the game. When we moved into Shadowlands, all of a sudden, a religious aspect of the game became core to all of it. I went to school for Anthropology, and did research on “Digital Culture,” primarily culture developed within MMOs like WoW. Watching as the story plays out, and the way that old and favorite characters are brought back in through the afterlife, it’s incredible to see. Now with the new expansion, Dragonflight, we’re re-awakened to a part of the story that has been so key in the background in vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and especially in Cataclysm.

I always end up playing a healer, even if it isn’t my intent. My main is a Vulpera Shaman (for the Horde), but I also play an Orc monk pretty regularly. I relate to the orcs well since I look like the results of if a WoW orc had a baby with Bill Burr. I get where I stand, I see it. World of Warcraft has helped me through a lot of hard times in my life, it gave me family with I felt the most alone, and it gave me an escape from reality, if even for a short time. This is a game that I hold so dear to me, and though I don’t get enough time to play it anymore because of band responsibilities, I know that Azeroth will always welcome me back when I need to be there.


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