My Favourite Video Game Featuring: exPorter

My Favourite Video Game is a guest feature from bands and artists where we set them a simple task… tell us about your favourite video game. In this feature, all three members of pop-punk/alt-rock band, exPorter took up the mantle, and you can read all about their choices below.

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Alec Cavazos: Hey again! This is Alec from exPorter and we’re stoked to chat with you about our favorite video games! It’s funny cause all three of us play video games but we rarely will play them together. When we’re all together for like recording or touring we may get in a game or two against each other but we’re usually playing them when we’re alone.

Anyway, it’s a pretty tough question cause there are a lot of good ones. Skate 3 is a classic, just a detinning game for growing up in the skate community. I could spend hours playing that game and now I’m just waiting for Skate 4!

Destin Cavazos: Yeah. Hard question! Probably Batman:Arkham Knight. The whole series is great but in this one you really get the sense that it’s you against all the villains in Gotham. It plays really well and the story is excellent. Plus you get the Batmobile.

Henry Kish: Big list because there can’t be only one. Skyrim was my all time favorite for a real long time, the skate and Tony Hawk series’, Persona 5 and 4, Dark Souls, and now Elden Ring.


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