Music News: Dark Years From Now Premiering Music Video For ‘Negative Creep’ By Nirvana

Dark Years from Now unleashes the video premiere of the Nirvana cover “Negative Creep” today. It is a super amped up and brutal rendition, which takes this grunge classic from the 90s into the deep-dark 21st century with low-tuned guitars and crazy witch screams.

Says Dan Potter about the cover:

I have always loved Nirvana’s classic grunge album ‘Bleach’ and have fond memories of rocking out to it in the basement during my formative years. Kurt Cobain (RIP) was definitely a metal-head at heart, spewing out monster guitar riffs and crazed screams, which I think reach a peak on this early track. With Dark Years from Now, I decided to further ‘metalize’ this sludgy tune, turning it into a roaring beast of psychotic energy that fans of my recent album will appreciate very much.

This unique rendition of “Negative Creep” is accompanied by a sinister music video where a mass of convulsing worms squirm around together in looped agony, ejecting from their midst a cacophony of mystical and ghost like imagery detailing the intense performance in all its abstract horror.



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