Music News: – Cadence Noir Announce “A Reckless Endeavour” EP Release

UK Gothic Folk ‘n’ Rollers, Cadence Noir, will release their 2nd EP called ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ on the 19th of June 2020.

A Reckless Endeavour features 3 brand new songs,  a re-recording of the band’s 2014 single ‘My Place’, Their 2015 single, the title track ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ and, say Cadence Noir, “Dave the whole Dave and nothing but the Dave, you’ll have to listen to see…”.

Now entering their 9th year of absurd existence, Cadence Noir continue their trend of sonically up-beat takes on suitably dark topics. ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ shamelessly merges as many genres as possible into 6 songs taking in a 20-minute journey through Punk, Thrash, Folk Metal, Celtic Rock and Pop.

Cadence Noir are Adrien Perrie on guitar and vocals and Nick Chamberlain guitar and backing vocals. Tom Smith is on the bass with Emma Bennett on violin and David Budge on drums and percussion.

Cadence Noir A Reckless Endeavour

A Reckless Endeavour sees Cadence Noir finally finish recording their back catalogue of 21 songs created since their days as an acoustic duo and continues the trend of failing miserably at doing it in order. 2016 EP ‘The Path’ and the 2018 debut album ‘Physical Copy‘ all containing a combination of then new and very old material “Seriously”, say the band, “the track ‘My place’ was first written in 2007!”

As Cadence Noir prepare to enter their 10th year in 2021, this EP represents the culmination of a lengthy journey of failed sonic experimentation that now leaves them free to focus on writing entirely new terrible material as the still immature late 30’s angsty millennial lefty goths that they are, were and always will be.

Cadence Noir announce that their 2nd EP titled ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ will be released on 19th June 2020

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