Horror Movie Review: The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

Up there as one of the most unnecessary sequels ever, The Rage: Carrie 2 also has the dubious honours of having a stupid title & being a box office bomb.

We meet Barbara Lang, another religious nut who is in the process of painting some kind of barrier around her living room to protect her young daughter, Rachel. After striking her daughter she is institutionalized believed to be a schizophrenic.

Rachel runs through the house in a panic & we see her exhibit telekinesis powers.

The Rage Young Rachel

Years later, a teenage Rachel is a bit of a social outcast at her school. Living with foster parents her only friend is Lisa who has recently lost her virginity to one of the football players. Sadly for Lisa she was nothing more than a pawn in the football player’s game, one where they sleep with the girls at the school & receive points for their exploits.

The group are instantly unlikeable with about as much individuality as an Oompa Loompa. Lisa, devastated by the truth, throws herself off the top of the school killing herself. Perhaps an over-reaction…

The Rage Dead Lisa

Rachel tells the sheriff & the school counsellor (Sue Snell from the first movie) about Lisa’s relationship with the football player & it is suggested that he will be charged with statutory rape (Lisa was 16, he was 18) thus destroying any future football career.

The meat-head football players all group together & try to intimidate Rachel into leaving them alone where her telekinetic powers resurface again. All the football players but one are arses…Jesse who is falling in love with her.

The Rage Jesse

Sue Snell noticing the similarities between Rachel & Carrie does some digging & discovers that Rachel’s real father was Carrie’s father as well. The telekinesis gene being something only a man can pass on (men, huh?).

Rachel & Jesse get closer much to the annoyance of Jesse’s one time conquest & his football buddies. So they come up with a plan to humiliate her, they record her & Jesse having sex and then invite her to a big house party under the pretence friendship. Jesse is delayed leaving Rachel on her own at the party where it is revealed she was scored in their jock game (30 points – high score!) & that they have a tape of her & Jesse doing it.

The Rage Sex Reveal

Humiliated & unable to leave she snaps…going all Carrie on the entire party.

Let’s be honest this all you’re watching the film for…the bloodbath at the end. Visually it is exciting (the pole through the 2 heads bit – that was great) but it’s over quite quickly & we get a brief cat & mouse chase between Rachel & 3 major players that end with someone getting harpooned in the junk. You can’t not love bits like that even if the rest of the movie is trash.

The Rage Carrie Tiime

The story involving the football team sleeping their way through the female part of the school for a game might seem clever but it paints the girls as nothing short of moronic. These men enjoy being pigs & don’t hide their actions well at all yet the girls are all still happy to bed down with them at the first instance….including Rachel. It isn’t long before she’s telling Jesse that she’s not ready & in the next breath telling him how to work his way into her pants!

The Rage Together

Considering what took place regarding her friend at the beginning I expected to her be a lot more wary yet as soon as he is nice to her she’s knocked off her feet. Everyone involved plays a cliché & by the end it’s so annoying that you won’t care who lives or dies.

Not that it matters, as I said above this film is all about Rachel & her ‘Carrie’ moment. It has to be noted though that her transition into a vengeful psycho does involve CGI thorns spreading out from her small tattoo covering her face & arms. It looks awful even if the tattoo is supposed to be some sort of connection to Lisa. (Take note of the weird remix of Carrie’s mothers “they’re all going to laugh at you” at this point).


A horrible attempt at a Romeo & Juliet ending followed by a head-slapping jump scare means the film ends on a serious low point.

I’m not sure exactly what was expected here…Carrie worked so well because she was a sympathetic character, here Rachel just frustrates. A briefly gory ending doesn’t make up for mediocre story-telling.


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