Live Review: Void of Vision/Modern Error with Love Is Noise at The Black Heart, London (08/02/23)

Void of Vision’s long overdue return to London is finally here – along with Modern Error, the twin-fronted eclectic band moving crowds from side to side all over the UK.

Love is Noise, fronted by previous Lotus Eater alumni, explode into a massive sound shouting:

I want to see those pits!

Quickly slowing down into a more digestible sound, mashed in with quick, ferocious screams is a sight you’d expect. Fast breakdowns mixed with shoe-gaze-clean sections likened to bands such as Deafheaven and Loathe is not an especially fresh sound. It fees like they’re trying to to emulate the ferocity of Loathe whilst combining the mystery of Sleep Token. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to enjoy here, but it just isn’t particularly interesting. As someone who loves Loathe and Sleep Token it just feels like a watered down version of what I’ve already seen before. Many of the songs feel the same, and it seems the crowd agrees. They are able to get the crowd moving with a 6 string baritone and some quick screams but, who isn’t doing that nowadays?

Love Is Noise are a fine band, it isn’t bad by any stretch. The minutes go by fast and it’s time for Modern Error.

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Modern Error start as you might expect, combining heavy synths with low tuned guitars and combusting into a metalcore-infused synth heavy song, called ‘Curtain Call.’ They get the crowd moving and it is a very enjoyable experience, I’ve been aware of Modern Error for a couple years now but have not taken much notice up until this point. I was excited to see them in such an intimate venue for my first time and it paid off.

Modern Error are a fantastic band, and I highly recommend seeing them. Modern Error are confident in their sound and visual style and it’s clear with how they move and present themselves on stage.

For a Black Heart show with bands such as Void of Vision and Modern Error playing I’d expect it to be more packed, the room is full but not to the point you’d expect, time flies for Modern Error and their set is over before you’ve realised it’s started.

Now, we get to the main reason everybody is here. Void of Vision have come all the way from Australia for a tour with Holding Absence, in the space between shows they’ve booked a couple more intimate gigs, which is an absolute delight.

Off the back of their 3 EP’s that they have released over the span of 2021 and 2022 all aptly titled ‘CHRONICLES I, II and III‘ they come on stage with the track ‘OHNE SIGHT’, the first track off of the first EP of the 3.

This song leads into the second track on the EP and it goes down a treat. They are confident and the mosh pit is ferocious. In such a small venue you would never expect to see crowdsurfing considering the stage is only a foot off the ground – but they get their fans up. They play a huge 15 tracks but it feels like they’re only up there for 20 minutes. It’s over far too quickly.

Void of Vision are a fantastic band which if you get the chance, you should see. I genuinely believe they’ll be massive one day if they keep releasing music and playing shows like they have been.


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Void of Vision/Modern Error with Love Is Noise at The Black Heart, London (08/02/23)
  • Void of Vision - 9/10
  • Modern Error - 9/10
  • Love Is Noise - 7/10
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