Live Review: Swallow the Sun at The Underworld, Camden, London (06/05/19)

After a busy weekend for Camden with Desertfest taking over for three days, it’s a nice to see that The Underworld is still very busy for Swallow the Sun’s headline show in the capital. Although a couple of minutes before they’re due to take to the stage there is a ripple of ‘uh-ohs’ when the smoke machines appear to set off an alarm. It’s looking very hazy but happily the alarm is silenced before it deafens everyone. That’s Swallow the Sun’s job and a job they do very well.

Swallow 2

This date and tour sees the band out in support of their latest album, When A Shadow Is Forced Into Light. An album we really enjoyed and you can read our full review here or watch the video review below.

The lights drop, the background music goes quiet and out they come. The lights on stage and behind them used to great effect. The band stand stock still in silence wreathed in the warm glow. Before unleashing their depressive and melancholic heaviness.

Opening with the title track from the new album, Swallow the Sun are on top form. It’s an epic start, fitting for the underground gloom of the venue it’s held in.

Swallow the Sun aren’t a band to ‘lose your mind too’ rather a band to ‘get lost in’ as they skirt between melody and brutality. The tracks from the newest album sounding absolutely huge and fit perfectly alongside the more popular tracks. As someone who got into them off When A Shadow is Forced Into Light, it’s a joy to hear Firelights and Stone Wings played to perfection.

Lengthy tomes delivered one after another, the band say very little beyond the occasional introduction and thanks yous. It’s fine though, fitting for a band that plays this kind of distressing metal. A very satisfying showcase of melancholy.

Swallow the Sun at The Underworld, Camden, London (06/05/19)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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