Live Review: Scene Queen at Troxy London (16/05/2024)

Scene Queen at Troxy in London –  lot of firsts for me tonight then as I head to a venue for the first time, to see a band for the first time in Scene Queen, who are out on the road as main support to PVRIS, with additional support from Sophie Powers.

Scene Queen Troxy Tour Poster

American singer/songwriter Hannah Rose Colins, professionally known as Scene Queen, is a growing phenomenon in the modern metal/metalcore scene. Famously self categorising her music as “Bimbocore”, Scene Queen deliver high energy metalcore/alt rock music with strong feminist themes while unapologetically calling out the wrong ‘uns of society. Very much a modern star, Scene Queen really came to popularity through social media with a massive TikTok presence thrusting her into the spotlight before the release of her first EP, Bimbocore, in April 2022. That was followed up quickly with the release of Bimbocore Vol. 2 in November of the same year. Scene Queen will release their first full length album in June this year titled Hot Singles In Your Area via Hopeless Records.

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To tonight though, at Troxy near Limehouse in East London, a venue I am entering for the first time and I must say, from a venue perspective, it’s pretty awesome. Simple enough to get to, from where I live, where entry queues move quickly considering the significant security checks on the way through. That will be a pain to some though security is obviously important. Strict rules on gum, bag size (no more than an A4 piece of paper in dimension) are strictly enforced. Once inside, it is a bit like a theatre in layout and within a few minutes, the layout is picked up as the venue seems to operate a one way policy.

Queues are the thing at Troxy but in a good way – whether for food, for drinks, cloakroom or entry, queues are marked out into lanes so there is no cutting in and no uncertainty about where you stand to get a beer. The bars were decent and plentiful with multiple bars at floor level and another upstairs as well as a separate VIP area with it’s own bar. Drinks were decent – no Red Stripe here – instead a few ciders, some IPAs and the whole range of Camden Brewery offerings like Hells and Camden Pale. Price wise, expect the usual £8 to £8.50 for a pint.

With a smoking area upstairs, toilets on every floor, merch per band sold in different locations so as not to overload one area, really good sound and lights and brilliant views from anywhere, even on the huge floor level which is stepped so that the back of the floor is higher than the floor near the stage, and to be honest, this venue is great. I would love to see some more bands play here but it feels like it’s an expensive booking and it’s 3000 capacity is probably a little too big for many of the bands I listen to normally.

I am here to check out Scene Queen, but arrive with plenty of time so do get to watch the majority of the opening act, Sophie Powers too. If I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting in to here, Sophie Powers helped me understand as they are so like Scene Queen.

Earlier on their journey as a band, and not quite hitting the same popularity yet but I see no reason why they wont. A 3 piece, with a frontwoman who is full of energy and has a strong voice, she bounces around the stage making me feel physically tired just from watching. Musically, the electronica is a lot and the stage looks a little too big for them just now but the crowd they pulled suggests big things are coming with a significant number of people filling the floor and seats, plenty of movement, clapping, cheering and waving of phone torches.

Scene Queen Troxy Sophie Powers

Songs like Nosebleed and a cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box go down well, as does the genuinely witty and honest crowd interactions and little bits of banter. You can see big things for Sophie Powers, even if musically, I personally don’t like it finding it way too heavy on backing track and electronica to really get in to. You don’t have to like something to see why others do though.

On to the main event, for me, next then with Scene Queen where the first thing you notice is the crowd swell. I made my way as close to the stage as I could, and dared, and was pleasantly surprised to see a vast array of watchers from all sorts of different are groups, genders and backgrounds. I was worried that me in my Rotting Christ hoodie might stand out like a sore thumb in the sea of colours and youth, but was grateful to see plenty of other fans of the heavier stuff also watching on. There are way more brighter and more colourful people too but also parents who have brought their son or daughter along as well so a real mixed fanbase which is very cool.

The band take to the stage in a deafening assault of electronic music and “Barbie Girl” samples and while I cringe a little, the crowd roar in approval as Scene Queen arrive on the Troxy stage. No messing around as Scene Queen jump straight into it with a recent single, Finger. A song that is in no way cryptic, and would make a good instruction manual for any young person out there looking to understand how to please their other half. The band, still just a three piece, move a lot and fill the stage well with Scene Queen sporting plenty of pink, a short skirt and a raunchy and rowdy attitude that exudes confidence and control.

Scene Queen Troxy1

A rapturous crowd eat up every word as she controls the crowd like a puppeteer between songs like 18+. I like how a lot of the songs, while still using plenty of backing and electronic beats, still hit quite hard with sporadic breakdowns and meaty riffing. There is a good mix of styles that will make them accessible too many people, though I would be lying to say that I was enjoying it musically. I wasn’t always as I have different tastes but admired a lot of what I was seeing. I loved the confidence, the “girl power” vibe, the attitude and, as a father to a daughter, it gives me great hope for her future when you see other strong females, like this whole tour, owning their lives and being themselves unashamedly.

While finding some enjoyment musically, I do also find the reliance on backing tracks to be a bit too much overall, but I did rate the guitarist highly as he hit out some nice melody, strong riffs and even the odd solo. The drummer was also a powerhouse but aside form those, there always sounded like there were 40 other things happening and that was always coming thought the speakers, not the band.

Pink Push-Up Bra was a nice meaty one that got a bit of a pit going as Scene Queen prowled the Troxy stage with that same raucous, rowdy but positive and entertaining vibe. I also enjoyed the genuinely heartfelt talk Scene Queen gave about their admiration for PVRIS and the female strength within this tour. It felt genuine and was nice to hear.

Scene Queen Troxy

The song MILF came next and is a real odd track that I disliked immensely with it’s weird combinations of country music, two step and metalcore. It’s just really odd but certainly seemed a popular one. I did then get treated to perhaps the most bizarre thing I have ever seen at a gig as Scene Queen ask the crowd to create a “twerkle pit” which was kind of like a circle pit, but instead of a circle rotating, they just opened up the crowd, played a song and encouraged people to jump into the “twerkle pit” and twerk their asses off. What is happening?

Barbie & Ken seems to be the song that the crowd were really waiting for and it went off big for this one, helped also by the arrival of a guest Ken from Sam Matlock of Wargasm fame. This is a weird song, very famous over social media and even I recognised it in part. It’s a fun watch, I think. Certainly entertaining and the stage feels more energised as Sam bounces around adding harsh vocals.

Scene Queen Troxy2

A couple more songs, focused on pink close the evening out for me with Pink Panther followed by Pink Rover and a very happy crowd, and grateful band bid each other farewell. I head out of Troxy towards home, as an early start means I can’t stay for PVRIS unfortunately, left to my thoughts.

What had I just witnessed? I had to give my thoughts time to settle, as a person seeing Scene Queen with no real prior knowledge, it is a lot to take in. Now I am settled, I can reflect more fairly and will say this.

Scene Queen are clearly offering an avenue of musical release to a generation that need it. Their popularity shows that and the happiness on the faces of those in attendance proves that. Maybe they are cathartic to many, maybe they just speak to you as an individual and isn’t that why we all get in to music in the first place, when we find that connection? I don’t think this music is aimed at me – and that is fine. So, I disliked the music immensely, am unlikely to listen to it on record, or attend a show again but I wouldn’t be surprised to maybe find me as that parent with my daughter in a crowd in 2 or 3 years time watching them for her and I would be okay with that.

Scene Queen may offer nothing to me musically, but they are a fine example of capturing a generation’s feeling and how to become their soundtrack to life, almost. They exude confidence, encompass strength and power and deliver honesty and entertainment to many so I have a ton of respect for them, and what they are doing, despite feeling like I now need to listen to Cannibal Corpse and Cattle Decapitation for a week to cleanse myself.


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Scene Queen at Troxy London (16/05/2024)

Event Title: Scene Queen at Troxy

Start date: 16/05/2024

End date: 16/05/2024

Location name: Troxy

Address: London

Performer: Scene Queen

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  • Scene Queen - 6/10
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