Live Review: Rage with C.O.P. UK at Downstairs at the Dome, Tuffnell Park, London (03/12/23)

Rage, the German heavy metal band, do not know how to slow down. Next year is their 40th year anniversary and they are still going as hard and heavy as ever. Evident by the fact they have released 26 albums as of today, although it’s over 50 releases if you’re counting other formats, and they continue to look to the future with a planned double album in 2024.

This drive to always be busy doesn’t just apply to their studio output either, as the band has toured all over the world, and now we’re in the post-Covid world, they continue to get out and about as much as possible. This has meant a week-long jaunt across the breadth of the UK (albeit with one cancelled show in Dudley) ending here, in London.

If you’re expecting Downstairs at the Dome (formerly the Boston Music Room) to be filled with aging head-bangers only, you’d be surprised to know that there is a delightful of mix of ages inside. Showing the everlasting appeal of Rage’s heavy and power-infused metal. A solid number of bodies, all more than up for this show, even if it is a wet and cold Sunday night in December.

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The theme of the night is celebratory, as the bands have thoroughly enjoyed their time together, and the plan is to ensure it ends with a bang. Interview commitments with Rage meant there was no seeing Secret Rule, but once a hurried pizza from Aces & Eights was devoured, there was plenty of time to catch main support, C.O.P. UK and their brand of heavy melodic metal and hard rock.

A band who embody the ‘good time’ spirit of heavy music, C.O.P. UK (Crimes of Passion) are a brilliantly energised band who play banging tunes with big smiles on their face. It might be cold outside, but the warmth radiating from this band is enough to keep everyone toasty. They look like they’re having a blast, and in return, the crowd make sure C.O.P. UK know they are appreciated. It’s fun, so much fun, with the cherry on top being a damn good cover of Journey’s iconic track, Separate Ways.

How about Rage though?

Almost forty years of head-banging music and still sounding as strong as ever. Peter ‘Peavy’ Wagner has been the mainstay of this group, and for a man turning 60 next year, he is both lively and in fine voice. In fact, it’s incredible that a man this long into his musical career sounds as strong as he does. His vocals are immense, his bass playing transcendent, and that’s not to take away from his bandmates; Vassilios ‘Lucky’ Maniatopoulos on drums, who hammers away hard all night, and guitarist Jean Bormann, who is a man possessed, such is the vigorous riffing he has to offer.

Together, they make up Rage, and deliver a show that is a celebration of heavy metal and Rage’s career to date. They can’t play everything, they have 26 bloody albums after all, but they do a phenomenal job of taking us through their extensive career. With the likes of Resurrection Day, Solitary Man, Nevermore, My Way, End of All Days, and From the Cradle getting an airing. Call it a ‘best of’ Rage show, yet it doesn’t feel like that, as the band are still looking forward.

Based off what was seen and heard tonight, there’s no doubt that Rage will continue to delight audiences around the world for many years to come. Heads were well and truly banged tonight in London.


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Rage with C.O.P. UK at Downstairs at the Dome, Tuffnell Park, London (03/12/23)
  • Rage - 8.5/10
  • C.O.P. UK - 7.5/10
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