Live Review: Burner – Album Launch Show – With Mastiff, Negative Frame, and Acid Throne at The Black Heart, Camden, London (01/07/23)

Released on June 23rd, 2023 via Church Road Records, It All Returns to Nothing is the debut album from the London-based carnage creators that is Burner. A band who showcases a unique combination of hardcore, death metal, and black metal. The album is phenomenal and you can read our review here.

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That, and having blown our minds earlier this year supporting Creature at the New Cross Inn, made this album launch show a must. So, full of Greek food and a few too many doubles, we popped to the Black Heart in Camden for a night of deafening heaviness.

First up, it’s Acid Throne, the stoner/doom noise mongers bring the fuzz and feedback to ears crying out in pain. The Black Heart is no stranger to booming noise but this is something else. Acid Throne are on such form and make every second of their short time on stage count. It really is testament to the scene that a band like this can be on first, and blow everyone away.

Fancy something with a hardcore edge? Something to swing your fists, kick your feet, and generally act like a melt too? Negative Frame are up next and cause some serious damage. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s fucking chaotic, and it’s impressive. We didn’t watch all of their set as we went to get some drinks but what we did see left an impression.

Do you know who always leaves an impression? Those ‘orrible gits in Mastiff. A band we have a lot of love for and again, the strength in the scene that they could be in London and supporting Burner, is amazing. Thirty minutes is never enough Mastiff but thirty minutes is a hell of a lot of Mastiff to sink your teeth into. In fact, they’re probably the reason our ears were still ringing 48 hours later. As crushing and as manic as ever, they are one of the best bands in this country and it’s live shows like this that prove it. The pit was filth.

Any other night, and we’d be feeling sorry for the headline act, but it is Burner and they are (excuse the pun) on fire. Blazing through songs from the album with supreme confidence, causing some of the nastiest pits of the night, and just generally looking like a band ready for much bigger stages.

At this point, The Black Heart is pretty packed out, and there isn’t a single head not banging to the noise Burner exudes. Turning a fifty-minute set into what feels like five, that’s how fast it goes by. To be supported by such incredible bands and still deliver a grin-inducing, super-satisfying savage set, tells you all you need to know about this band’s future.

We’ve had great nights in the Black Heart over the years but this show is going to be remembered as one of the best. Acid Throne, Negative Frame, Mastiff, and Burner all in the same room together. We live in blessed times.


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Burner - Album Launch Show - With Mastiff, Negative Frame, and Acid Throne at The Black Heart, Camden, London (01/07/23)
  • Burner - 10/10
  • Mastiff - 10/10
  • Negative Frame - 8/10
  • Acid Throne - 9/10
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