Live Blu-Ray Review: Hammerfall – Live! Against The World (Napalm Records)

Released on October 23rd 2020 via Napalm Records, Live! Against the World is the new live album/show from the Swedish heavy power metal outfit, Hammerfall. Live! Against The World is available in multiple formats including: BluRay/CD Digipack, 3LP Vinyl and digitally.

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Recorded on February 15th at the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Live! Against the World is 2 hours of blood-pumping, head-banging and glorious sounding metal music. A show that sees the legends power through 20 tracks, from popular hits to deeper cuts that rarely get aired live.

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Arriving on stage in bombastic fashion, you can immediately tell this means a lot to Hammerfall as they can barely contain themselves from breaking into massive grins. The same can be said for the packed in arena (remember when that was a thing!?) who are going crazy for the metallers.

The energy isn’t just coming from the crowds though as Hammerfall betray their years by delivering a sterling and hyperactive performance. It’s captivating to watch; the constant movement, the pyro, the stellar sound of the twin guitars and of course, the power in the vocals.

With tracks taken across their epic history, the likes of The Way of the Warrior, Hallowed Be My Name, Second to One, Let the Hammer Fall and Hearts on Fire stand out strongly. The latter, the final track of the show, is every bit the singalong you could want it to be.

It’s a spectacular show and encapsulates just how and why Hammerfall have become such a beloved band across the world.

In their own words:

We’ve been doing this for 23 years now. 23 years of heavy fucking metal from Sweden!

Hammerfall – Live! Against the World Full Track Listing:

1. Never Forgive, Never Forget
2. One Against the World
3. Heeding the Call
4. The Way of the Warrior
5. Any Means Necessary
6. Hallowed Be My Name
7. Blood Bound
8. Redemption
9. Hector’s Hymn
10. Natural High
11. Second to One
12. Renegade Medley
13. Keep the Flame Burning
14. Dominion
15. The Dragon Lies Bleeding
16. Last Man Standing
17. Let the Hammer Fall
18. Hammer High
19. (We Make) Sweden Rock
20. Hearts on Fire


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