Interview: Subterraen (Video/Audio)

Set for release on April 12th, 2024, via Frozen Records, ‘In the Aftermath of Blight’ is the new album from French atmospheric sludge metal band, Subterraen.

This new album marks a reinvention for the band, having started in 2017 and releasing the album ‘Rotten Human Kingdom’ in 2020 via Transcending Obscurity Records. This new era for Subterraen sees them group emerges from a two-year long writing process with a completely revamped line-up and the firm intention of breaking away from the conventions of sludge/doom metal.

Written to be radically different from its predecessor, ‘In the Aftermath of Blight’ proves to be more complex and skilfully written. The album benefits from a much higher production value and combines the aggression and atmospheres of post-sludge with the melodies of doom metal. Inspired by bands such as Pallbearer, Neurosis, Yob and Paradise Lost, Subterraen consciously distances itself from its influences to create a unique sonic identity.

‘In the Aftermath of Blight’ takes a cynical look at the human condition in the midst of personal tragedy and natural disaster took its inspiration from numerous biblical and literary references. Dehn Sora’s mesmerizing artwork captures these themes masterfully.

We spoke to Subterraen about the new album, about the journey to this point and all the trials that Subterraen have faced, the distinct new direction they are going in, what they would like to accomplish this year, and so much more.



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