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Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life bring you an interview with indie rock and pop band, Slomo Casino.

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Hello! Thank you for taking the time to chat to us. First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

Hey & thanks for having us! We are Slomo Casino, and as we write this it is a sunny, crisp day in our home land of Stockport, Manchester, the birthing place of our famed indie brand. We’ve been good friends for many years now, and it took the lockdowns for us to finally get together to write some music (through zoom) which culminated in our debut EP Marshmallow. Now we’re back!

Someone comes to you and asks you to sum up what kind of music you play – what do you tell them?

Indie/pop with a bit of soul, blues, and feel good vibes thrown in for good measure.

What’s currently going on in your camp? New releases? Tours? Etc.

Our second EP ‘The Altar’ comes out this summer! Check out the self titled single now on all platforms. And Jonny’s just acquired a pizza oven to begin his gourmet pizza cheffing career.

What has been the most positive experience of making music to date for you?

For this project the experience of creating the record from scratch in Jonny’s home studio with just the two of us self producing was really liberating, and having the control to take the art to exactly where we wanted. And we had a hell of a time along the way!

Likewise, what has been some of the more challenging aspects and how have you overcome them?

We’re both terrible singers so in order to keep the project a duo we painfully taught ourselves!

How do you handle the modern expectations of being in a band? Always online, having to put out content constantly, your success measured in likes and follows?

You can’t ignore it, and you just have to treat that side of the business as part of the job – as laborious as it can be! One day it would be nice to have a Slomo Casino office that does it all for us…

What’s something that really ‘grinds your gears’ about the industry/business these days and what would you propose is done to combat it?

Tik tok culture. Everything has become very social media driven and along with the many benefits come a lot of distraction from the art itself, and this also contributes to everything from the need to grab attention from posts, to the ways actually songs are written and produced from fear of a listener skipping before they have got to the good part. However, We have proposed a new social media platform that we believe will prosper called thick wit that may yet propel us to riches

Speaking directly to listeners – what would you ask they do to help support your music?

Simply listen and spread the word our pretties!

Outside of the music, what’s do you do to relax?

We love to cook, game and drink Guinness.

Where can people find you?

Come and say hello on Instagram.

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