Interview: Phil Bayer (Vocals) & Marv Wilder (Guitars) of Floya (Video/Audio)

Rising from the ashes of ALAZKA & Time, The Valuator, brand new group FLOYA emerge onto the music scene. The German duo of Phil Bayer & Marv Wilder establish a wild blend of solid rock foundations alongside modern EDM elements and world music, inspired by their childhood influences, namely Peter Gabriel, U2 & Sting.

Carving a name for themselves individually in the past as the founders and songwriters of their praised acts, Phil & Marv are now headed on a journey of their own. FLOYA will release their debut album ‘Yume’ on March 8th, 2024, via Arising Empire.

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It’s an anthemic listen, with some really sweet melodies, plenty of robust rockiness, and a creative flair that shows the duo have had lengthy song-writing careers already.

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We spoke to vocalist Phil and guitarist Marv about the new album, the work that went into it, what they wanted to accomplish, trying to live up to expectations, and so much more.

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