Interview: Moga (Written)

Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, Moga are an experimental death metal band who released their debut album, ‘Where Do You Come From’ in October 2023.

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1. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to chat to us. First things first, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started.

Hello, we are Moga, an experimental death metal band from Bulgaria. We are 6 musicians aspiring to play outside of the established musical boundaries.

2. Someone comes to you and asks you to sum up what kind of music you play – what do you tell them?

I’d urge them to buy our album and see for themselves! Our music involves not only the integral parts of death metal, which include harsh vocals, downtuned guitars and extreme drumming, but also clean vocals, nylon string guitar parts and calm melodies, mixed with some cool electronic background music.

3. What’s currently going on in your camp? New releases? Tours? Etc.

We’ve just released our debut album, Where Do You Come From (4 months ago at the time of this interview), so we are now focusing on playing live and planning some cool upcoming events. We have also laid the groundwork for some future releases but it is still too soon to talk about anything in this respect.

4. What has been the most positive experience of making music to date for you?

Going up on stage, starting to play and seeing the people’s faces.

5. Likewise, what has been some of the more challenging aspects and how have you overcome them?

Almost every single aspect of the music industry is challenging. We are an independent band and we are mostly relying on ourselves to get anything done, so the list of challenges is endless. However, we are happy with how things are going so far.

6. How do you handle the modern expectations of being in a band? Always online, having to put out content constantly, your success measured in likes and follows?

We acknowledge that this is how it is now and of course we are trying to keep up. As you have mentioned, likes and follows are essential for any band’s success, so I’d take the opportunity to urge your readers to check out our links and like, follow and subscribe. While we are thankful for every new subscriber/follower, this is not how we measure our success. The main indicator for us is how people react when they hear our music. Up to now, we are getting very positive feedback and this is what makes us think we are successful.

7. What’s something that really ‘grinds your gears’ about the industry/business these days and what would you propose is done to combat it?

It is increasingly difficult to be a musician and it is almost impossible to get any serious attention without high-profile promoters or labels. I’d be happier if the music itself were the most important aspect of the industry.

8. Speaking directly to listeners – what would you ask they do to help support your music?

Check out our links here. Like, comment, subscribe and follow. It really makes a difference. And if you like our album, maybe consider supporting us by buying it on Bandcamp or ordering some of our original merch (just DM us if you’re interested).

9. Outside of the music, what’s do you do to relax?

Walks in nature – it really relieves stress and reduces anxiety.

10. Where can people find you?

You can find us on:

Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube


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