Interview: Gavin King (Vocalist – Private Dicks) (Video/Audio)

The old punk adage was to live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse – and while Gavin King gave the first one his best shot, he got sidetracked and skipped the next step. Now, almost 50 years after burning brightly on Bristol’s burgeoning punk scene of the late seventies with his band Private Dicks, he finds himself having a late surge of creativity, and is pleased to reveal that his debut solo album ‘Skeletons’ will be released on March 29th 2024 via Heartbeat Records.

With Private Dicks, the band that first threw Gavin into the spotlight, having just released a live album, and while he waits for his bandmates to finally finish off what will be the Bristol legends’ second album, he has turned his attention to his first, fully-fledged, solo effort. With help from Dicks’ guitarist and life-long friend Paul Guiver and long-time Tears For Fears and Robbie Williams guitarist Neil Taylor, Skeletons is eight tracks of dark, catchy, post-punk angst, the work of a man who has taken another look at his life and at the state of the world and had a few thoughts…

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We spoke to Gav about his debut solo release, why he felt this needed to be done, his extensive history in music, and so much more.

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