Horror Short Review: Sonar (2022)

From director James Hughes and writer Eleonora Mignoli comes Sonar, a stunning example of movie-making with next to no budget. The short stars Amy Marie Campbell and Jack Brett Anderson.

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A young woman is having a late-night swim at a pool when the lights go out and the sound of sonar pinging gets her attention. When she investigates the source of the sound, she sees a green glow that is appearing in time with the sonar ping, and it’s enough to scare her.

She attempts to swim away but realises the sonar ping is coming from the deep end of the pool. So, she goes under the water and notices something truly unexpected. Something impossible, something frightening and something most would have to investigate.

To say anymore would spoil a dreamy, haunting, immersive, and effectively creepy short that is spectacular in all its faucets. From how the story is told, to the visuals, to the music and sound effects, to its surprisingly emotional depth. Sonar is one of the most attention-grabbing horror shorts seen in some time. It’s simply spectacular that this was made on a near-nothing budget, relying on favours and friendships.

This is truly something that deserves to be expanded upon. The mystery, the intrigue, and the horror are deserving of being extended into a full-length film. Check out the trailer below and find out more here.


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Sonar (2022)
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