Horror Short Review: Pumpkin Night (2015)

It’s Halloween night and a man is all ready to carve a pumpkin. He has his lovely looking gourd and his clean and dry knife but he seems distracted as he gets ready to dig into the vegetable.

Through flashbacks we then see he suffered the loss of his mother and his girlfriend could barely have cared less. She is quick to start spending the money left to him by his mother which is one step to far. So he does what all rational people do and hits her over the head with a shovel.

The man then buries her in the garden along with some pumpkin seeds. It’s then the realisation hits that the pumpkin the man is planning to carve was grown on the decaying body of his partner. A nice touch.

Back in present time, he goes to get on with it and finds the pumpkin gone. It’s alive now, imbued with the spirit of the man’s victim and she wants revenge.

I’ve never seen death by pumpkin stalk but I imagine having it jammed into your eye ala Pumpkin Night would be pretty damn painful.

That’s the best bit of this short. Well, that and the realisation that he grew the pumpkin on a corpse. I don’t know if we’re supposed to feel sympathy for this guy. In the few flashbacks it’s clear his girlfriend was a horrid woman but that doesn’t excuse murder. Either way he gets his comeuppance in a satisfying way.

It’s a fun Halloween short. Just gruesome enough without really showing anything and short enough to not overstay its welcome. Check it out yourself below.

Pumpkin Night (2015)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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