Horror Short Review: NPC (2023)

It’s horror short review time and it’s yet another ACMofficial offering, one that goes by the name of NPC and sees writer/director Alex Magaña tackling virtual reality in a familiar, but still enjoyable way.

Yoni Keynan plays Sam, being shown the wonders of VR by his friend Caleb (Chaz Lack) having designed a virtual apartment with an NPC (non-playable character) friend for Sam to enjoy. An NPC (also played by Chaz Lack) that is a little too creepy for Sam’s liking. It’s just virtual reality though, it’s not real… right?

The blurring of realities is about to make Sam wish he never put the headset on.

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It’s a clever short with a suitably dark ending all the qualities we have come to expect from ACMofficial shorts. Shot well, acted well, tight story, and good music/sound effects. Is it scary though? That’s up for debate, but in a world where gaming and virtual reality is becoming more and more realistic, the horror is more believable than ever.


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NPC (2023)
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