Horror Short Review: Kiddo (2022)

Written and directed by Brett Chapman, and starring Lisa Howard, Lauren Patel, Paddy Stafford, and Toby Gaffney. Kiddo is a mysterious horror short that was premiered on December 29th on the Altar YouTube channel.

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Wonderland is a theme park like no other and a bus full of teens are very excited to be heading there. A fun day out, yet the strong sense of foreboding that hangs over the journey is palatable. Especially as one particular person on the bus stands out from the rest. This is ‘Kiddo’, she’s a lot older than the rest and she is less than thrilled to be going to Wonderland.

Why? Well, that’s not something you want spoiled. So, check this short out yourself below.

Rest assured; it is immensely satisfying. Kiddo is heavy on gloomy and mysterious atmosphere. Paying off the building dread in wonderfully horrific style. There is a lot of classiness here. From how it is paced, to how it looks, to how it is shot, to how it sounds, to the acting, and to the pacing.

You’ll want much more, which is the sign of an excellent horror short.

Wonderland is a theme park like no other, a day out to be remember. Be careful though, you might have so much fun that you never want to leave.



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Kiddo (2022)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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