Horror Short Review: Jack O’Lantern’s Vengeance (2016)

Taking place on Halloween Night unsurprisingly, Jack O’Lantern’s Vengeance turns the act of carving a pumpkin into something horrific.

A young man carves himself one, lights a candle in it and goes to answer the door to some trick or treaters. When he comes back, the Jack O’Lantern is gone! He us then knocked out by something unseen waking up bound and gagged at a table.

On said table are a number of sharp instruments and the Jack O-Lantern is sitting opposite. Cutting away from the pumpkin, the next shot sees it with a knife in its mouth before the camera pans away.

Outside the house, a trick or treater rings the door bell. The man answers and the camera reveals the pumpkin is now where his head should be. This could have looked great but unfortunately it just looks like he is wearing a pumpkin on his head.

The Next Day we then get a silly, tongue in cheek montage of the pumpkin/man hybrid going about his daily life. Waking up to an alarm, shaving and getting freaked out by a magazine of pumpkin recipes.

Getting in his car, the Jack O’Lantern/man hybrid arrives at a pumpkin patch where it is overjoyed to be amongst its own.

It’s very silly but a horror comedy Halloween short makes a nice change. The actions of the character when amongst the pumpkins is particularly amusing.

Check it out yourself below.


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Jack O'Lantern's Vengeance
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