Horror Short Review: It’s Not Custard (2022)

From Alter, comes It’s Not Custard. A horror short written and directed by Kate McCoid, and starring Charlotte Luxford, Kate Leiper, and Will Cox.

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An imaginative and fantastical short that sees Louise, an acne-ridden teenage girl being mercilessly bullied at school by a boy named Wayne and at home by her older sister Jennifer. Louise is a really sympathetic character and, like all teens, would do anything to silence her bullies and get rid of her acne. In fact, she wishes for it.

Wishes don’t come true though, do they?

So, imagine Louise’s surprise when she wakes to find her skin completely clear. It’s a miracle but with some bizarre consequences. Seriously, you don’t want this spoiled for you. It is both delightful and disgusting in equal measures.

This is one hell of a creative horror short with its tongue jammed firmly in its spotty cheek. Where the amusement is enhanced by a compelling narrator and inventive visual effects. It might make you feel a little sick, but you’ll be smiling all the way through it.



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It's Not Custard (2022)
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