Horror Short Review: Home for Thanksgiving (2018)

From Disrupter Media Productions and directed Jeanette Dozier comes a horror short set around the American holiday, Thanksgiving. Filmed like a home movie, Home for Thanksgiving focuses on the mother of the family preparing for her kids to come home for Thanksgiving dinner.

She’s filled with excitement, ushering her husband off to watch TV so she can get things ready. Although she’s not too pleased that her daughter isn’t answering her phone. Something she relentlessly moans about to her newly arrived son.

That and how he shouldn’t have been speeding as he might draw the attention of the police. At first this seems like nothing but a throwaway bit of dialogue but is actually some clever foreshadowing.

Anyway, the daughter arrives and the family settle down to eat at the table. Both kids brought food for the family with them and in a fun reveal, we see that they are cannibals. One dish is a human leg, the other is someone’s back…tattoo and all. Mom and Dad are so very proud and everyone digs in.

You’d think that would be where the short ends but in a fun little extra twist, we see the neighbour drop by. He’s worried about his daughter who hasn’t come home yet and he can’t get hold of her. His daughter just so happens to be in the same class as the daughter of our cannibal family…

It’s nice that it doesn’t have to be explicitly stated for it to be obvious that his daughter was just the main course.

It’s cheap as hell and the dialogue is hammy as heck but there is some gleeful fun to be had with this. Considering most focus on Christmas horror at this time of year, it’s nice that someone really went all out for a Thanksgiving horror!

Check it out yourself below.

Home for Thanksgiving (2018)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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