Horror Short Review: Fear Wish (2020)

Keeping it super short, Todd Spence and Zak White’s Fear Wish is deliciously tense and builds a palatable sense of dread. All leading to an effective, if not predictable, jump scare ending.

Starring Nathan Sutton as Rich, our introduction to him is from his perspective as he turns a torch that is pointed at his fireplace on and off. On and off three times exactly, which is important to the plot.

The third time the torch goes on, it reveals a pile of money which Rich takes and then sits down on his couch. It’s here that we get the story exposition as he discusses exactly what is going on with a friend on the phone.

Where did the money come from? It’s called a ‘fear wish’. Wish for something you need but the catch is for it to stick, you must then wish for something you fear and then survive.

Rich is having serious doubts about going through with it now that the appearance of the money shows him it works. Why money? Why go through something so potently harrowing just for some money? The answer is love.

You see Rich’s partner is sick and this money will pay for her treatment. So with that in mind, all that is left to do is for Rich to think about what he is afraid of and flash the torch on and off three times.

If you want to see how it pans out, you’ll have to watch it yourself below. It’s worth it though as the brief but detailed story is told in a delightfully encouraging way. It’s dark and it’s twisted, something that is enhanced by the sound effects which really create a strong horror vibe.

Fear Wish (2020)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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