Horror Short Review: Easter Bunny (2022)

A found-footage horror short from Burnt Mill Road, Easter Bunny comes from writer/director Jacob Arbittier and stars Caden Chambers and Donald Cluff.

Garrett and Bill Saunders are father and son. According to the text at the start (classic found footage), they went missing on October 23rd, 2021. Police then discovered this tape outside a horse farm in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

Something that was recorded by Garrett as the family was investigating Bill’s repeated sleep walking.

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The footage then shows Garrett attempting to wake his son from his sleep walk as Bill walks around outside with an Easter egg in his hands. Bill walks into a wooded area where he puts the candy in the basket of a man dressed in a garish bunny outfit. It’s a sudden and shocking moment as the ‘bunny’ grabs Bill and runs away, chased by Garett.

What happens next? Check it out below to find out.

Easter Bunny doesn’t have much to offer and falls in all the found-footage pitfalls in less than 2 minutes. From questionable character behaviour and severe under-reactions to unwatchable shaky camera work. It’s the awful expectations of this sort of horror condensed into an Easter themed short that lacks thrills or chills. Give this one a miss.



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Easter Bunny (2022)
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