Horror Short Review: Easter Bunny (2013)

Called Easter Bunny and coming from TePonui Films, this horror short comes in at 3 and a half minutes. Opening with a woman burying something unknown in the ice and snow of her garden with a small cross to symbolise the grave.

Cut to later inside the house and we see the same woman feeding her pet rabbit a piece of chocolate from an Easter egg. She goes to take a bath leaving the bunny in the living room.

Easter Bunny 2

It’s cute little thing seemingly wowed by what it sees outside. The ground beginning to shift as if something is coming out of the dirt.

The smart creature bounds into the bathroom where its owner is seemingly relaxing. However, she is already dead. Her body covered in cuts and scratches. We get a close up of her eyes and see what looks like another rabbit reflecting in them.

In a sudden surprising turn, her body transforms into that of a human/rabbit hybrid. Whatever she is now, she has a bloodlust and the poor pet bunny flees for its life. The short ends showing us the ripped apart of the rabbit as the hybrid devours the leftovers.

Easter Bunny 4

A bit of a nothing short up until the 10-20 seconds where we see the hybrid. It’s a good look, part white rabbit, part human and moves in a feral way. The real star is the cute rabbit, who seems to say quite a bit with its expressive and twitchy face.

Easter Bunny 3

Keeping things vague and short allows the imagination to run wild. For example, my presumption is that the woman always transforms into the creature and the body she is burying at the start is her last rabbit victim.

Either that or she got possessed by the returning body of a previously owned rabbit! The ending is likely to shock some but for most, it’s par for the course with horror. Check it out yourself below.


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Easter Bunny (2013)
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