Horror Short Review: Christmas Cookies (2017)

On the darker scale of Christmas horror, Christmas Cookies is a disturbing short that opens with a pretty visual of the Yuletide before we see a woman chopping up a body in her kitchen. She then makes star cookies out of the meat and bakes them in the oven. Disturbed yet? Well she puts them out with a glass of milk and heads off to bed.

It’s not Santa she is expecting though, no. These cookies are for Krampus and old Saint Nick is in for a surprise when he stops by too!

Nailing the feel of Christmas thanks to the smart use of Carol of the Bells, Christmas Cookies is a sharply shot short that has all the feel of a big budget studio. It’s a lot more graphic then many may be used too when it comes to Christmas horror shorts but that just means it stands out a little more. It needs that too as the payoff isn’t that great if we’re honest.

Check it out yourself below:


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Christmas Cookies (2017)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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