Horror Short Review: Candy (2014)

Opening with a shot of a young child dragging a white pillowcase down the street while trick or treaters run around. Either this kid has had a very successful night of candy collecting or there’s something else in his bag.

Elsewhere a couple are watching a horror movie on the TV when the doorbell rings. The woman goes to check who it is and sees no-one through the peephole. She goes to walk away when someone then knocks. She looks through the peephole once more and again, no-one is there. Confused she decides to have one last look where we get the short’s first jump scare as the child from the start is outside looking up at her (wearing a mask).

She opens the door and questions why the child is out so late and we get a good look at this mask. Something that looks like human skin stitched together. It’s very Leatherface.

He wants candy so she goes inside to get some. We then get the second jump scare as she turns around to find the child inside her home. She’s a little freaked out but shows him that she has run out of candy. The child then leaves but you know what the saying is? Trick or treat. No treat? It’s time for a trick.

The biggest surprise in Candy is that there isn’t a surprise really. It plays out exactly as you would expect which for a 4+ minute short is perfectly fine. It’s not particularly scary, although casual horror watchers might find the jump scares effective.

Decide for yourself below.

Candy (2014)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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