Horror Short Review: airbnb (2024)

As of the time of writing this review (24th of Feb 2024) the main ACMoffical YouTube account has been disabled. According to Alex Magaña, the person behind the channel and the brand, it’s because it got hacked. A shocking and disappointing situation which anyone who has had to deal with YouTube, knows is not a simple thing to fix. In fact, it may never be fixed.

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It must be gutting to see all that work gone. All those video uploads, comments, and views disappear. After all, as we all know, ACMofficial was prolific, for better or worse. It’s a situation that would see many simply give up, but Alex Magaña is not one to stop and has since started a second ACMofficial channel, while he fights to get his main one back.

Here’s hoping, that as you read this, everything is back as it should be.

In the meantime, regardless of my love/hate relationship with ACMofficial’s output, the reviews continue and this time it’s airbnb. A horror short with a ton more reality to it than usual.

It’s a simple story about the dangers of the airbnb system and a lesson about things you can and should do to protect yourself. Often, these ‘real-life’ stories are some of Alex Magaña’s best work and airbnb is highly recommended because it is so believable.

Two woman, Amanda (Ashley BeLoat) and Melanie (Becky Bush) are staying at a lovely looking airbnb where the host (Wessam Eldein) seems to have gone above and beyond to make their stay special. Unfortunately, there is an ulterior motive and it’s a deadly one.

With a great amount of suspense, plenty of dread oozing from it, and a really dark ending, airbnb is a strong horror short that might make you rethink your next booking. To see what happens, check it out yourself below.



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airbnb (2024)
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