Horror Short Review: A Smiling Woman Story (2022)

The Smiling Woman series from ACMOfficial had long run out of steam before this latest (and currently last as of May 2023) entry came along. There have been 6 so far and a Christmas ‘special’, each with diminishing returns. It’s hard to muster much enthusiasm for this latest entry, A Smiling Woman Story. Especially when the brief synopsis reads like any other entry so far.

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On a late night at an empty train station, two friends are haunted by a creepy smiling woman in a yellow dress.

So, it’s a surprise to find this entry changes the story and moves it forward. Revealing a new twist that explains a lot, in relation to the previous entries. The Smiling Woman has become legend and the two friends are exploring the site of the original sighting.

Without giving too much away, if you’ve been following along with this series, the development to the overarching story will please.

That being said, this might be the worst for the one of the things that are supposed to make the main villain scary, the jerky body movements. Here, it’s less jerky and more flailing, and it doesn’t look good.

Check this latest entry out below.



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A Smiling Woman Story (2022)
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