Horror Review: Flay (2019)

A disappointing horror, Flay commits the ultimate sin in horror by just not being very interesting. It’s a shame as it’s a competently made movie, a style that makes it look like it has a far bigger budget then it actually does. Not only that but it has some decent performances even if the actors are desperately trying to wring something out of their forgettable characters.

The highlight being Elle LaMont who plays Moon Crane, a young woman who returns home after the death of her drug-addicted mother. Once home she clashes with her teenage brother, River (Dalton Gray) who seems to care about nobody but himself and his horrid friends.

Flay 3

A junkie dies face down (River’s words), where’s the mystery? Well that comes from an ancient curse that has been unleashed. One that wants revenge for the abuse and murder of Native Americans. A faceless spirit, what we have are possessed chains. The chains that bound a powerful tribesman many years before.

Flay 2

That sounds like it should be fun. It sounds like it should be silly but Flay takes its subject matter very seriously. You only need to see the Sepia-toned intro. Detailing the atrocities committed on Native Americans to understand that.

That wouldn’t be a problem if Flay offered anything interesting. Or particular fresh in the paranormal sub-genre, but it doesn’t. The story is predictable and while director, Eric Pham has talent in regards to camera angles and when it comes to certain shots, the scares rarely land. However, it can be commended for keeping the jump scares to a minimum.

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Flay is a funny one. On the one hand it ask you to go a little deeper with its story. On the other it relies on you ignoring some pretty big plot holes and continuity errors. It doesn’t take much pulling of the threads to unravel the plot of Flay if you can be bothered to do so.

However, the biggest complaint I have is the criminal under-utilising of A. Michael Baldwin who Phantasm fans will instantly recognise!

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