Horror Movie Review: Virus: 32 (2022)

From an idea by Juma Fodde, and a story by Gustavo Hernández, who also directed it, Virus: 32 is an outbreak/infected Argentinian horror movie that owes a lot to 28 Days/Weeks Later.

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Iris (Paula Silva) is a deadbeat mother, for lack of a better term. Having suffered the tremendous loss of her young son, she went off the rails and has been neglecting her daughter, Tata (Pilar Garcia Ayala). Her estranged husband, Javi (Franco Villa) has been giving her space but has gotten tired of her lacklustre excuses and lack of time spent with Tata.

Needing to take an exam, he drops Tata off with Iris who forgot she was supposed to look after her today, and now she needs to go to work. She is a security guard at an old and rundown athletic club, and knowing she will be alone all night, decides to take Tata with her. Treating her more like a friend, rather than a mother. Something that bothers Tata, even if she does love her mother.

All of this detail is laid out in the first act of Virus: 32 and it connects you to both Iris and Tata immediately. This is important, because an unknown infection is spreading through the city. Unbeknownst to Iris and Tata inside the club. The infection turns a person into a mindless, raging beast with one goal. To beat, maim and kill uninfected people. Something that the virus seem to be able to sense.

It sure does sound like 28 Days/Weeks Later, right?

Except that Virus: 32 has its own trick and that relates to the number in the title. For 32 seconds after an infected has attacked a victim, they will become completely placid.

It sounds unnecessarily complicated and can be picked apart fairly easily, however, the movie doesn’t overuse it. Choosing to use the 32 second angle for some high-tension moments at the end. It works, because these infected are terrifying creatures and the why and how of the virus keeps the viewer in the dark.

Which helps connect us to Iris and Tata even more as they attempt to survive within the old club as the infected start to find their way inside.

Virus: 32 is a fantastic movie but not necessarily for the reasons many would expect. On the one hand, it’s grim and horrific, telling its infection story with energy and not shying away from the horror that could be dished out by such a thing. On the other, Iris and Tata’s plight for survival and how the latter realises that she has to step up and protect her daughter, is where this movie excels. The pair are brilliant, great characters and great actors.

Seemingly knowing that they might not be able to sustain the runtime alone though, around the halfway point, Luis (Daniel Hendler) is introduced. Another uninfected who breaks into the club with his pregnant wife, hoping to find somewhere safe to hide while she gives birth. His arrival improves an already great movie and alongside Iris, is involved in some of the tensest moments of it.

Speaking of which, Virus: 32 is all about tension and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. A thrilling hide and stalk sequence, many frantic races to survive, an immense swimming pool/flare sequence, and the heart-stopping finale are just some of the memorable moments. Yet, the film is packed with them. All enhanced by some incredible atmosphere created by some well-done shots and angles.

Regardless of how much it owes to 28 Days/Weeks Later, Virus: 32 stands on its own two feet by being a quality movie. One that delivers legitimate horror, while giving you characters you will care about.


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Virus: 32 (2022)
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