Horror Movie Review: Villains (2019)

Villains is a 2019 horror comedy film that was written and directed by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen, It stars Bill Skarsgård & Maika Monroe. Mickey & Jules are two amateur, petty criminals who are madly in love. After clumsily robbing a local gas station, they set off with the plan of leaving that lifestyle behind. Driving through the woods, their car runs out of gas. Jules spots a mailbox, and the couple discovers a large isolated house. What they find there will change their lives forever.

Approaching the house, they see a vehicle in the garage but the house appears empty. After breaking down the front door, they help themselves to food and do cocaine. They head down to the basement looking for a gas can. Instead, they discover a small girl, dirty and mute, chained to a column. Mickey is desperate to run, but Jules insists on helping the girl.

They return upstairs to find a way to release the girl but meet the surprised homeowners George and Gloria who’s holding a baby. George and Gloria calmly offer money. However, Jules is adamant to know why the little girl is downstairs. George explains that their “Sweetiepie” is down there for discipline. Mickey threatens them with his gun. George diffuses the tension and convinces them to sit down and talk. Mickey keeps his gun cocked while George calmly offers them the chance to simply take their vehicle and leave. Micky rejects their offer and backs up Jules’ demand to free the girl, forcing George at gunpoint to unlock her.

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Free of her chains, Mickey tries to coax and reason with Sweetiepie to come forward. Instead, she bites his hand. George knocks him unconscious, and Gloria restrains Jules.

Check out Villains to find out if the two lovebirds make it out alive.

Villains is decent. Mickey & Jules are fun protagonists and the actors who portray them deliver really enjoyable performances. Doing their best with what are two fairly shallow characters. You can tell they are having a good time and that translates to you having a good time. This is all about their love story. Even though it isn’t fleshed out too well, it does have some impact.  It’s somewhat unique to follow them as they are not technically good guys. We only witness them during one robbery and they don’t hurt anyone. It’s minor in comparison to George and Gloria. Talking of them, again the performances are spot on. George in particular is highly amusing which almost makes you want him to get away with it all. Everyone has great chemistry.

The reason I called Villains a decent film and not a decent horror film is that the horror elements are lacking. Simply put, it plays things way too safe. George & Glory do basically nothing to Mickey & Jules. That is why I mentioned wanting George to get away with it. The film doesn’t do enough to make you truly hate them or consider them a real threat. They make threats but never follow through. I know, they have a girl chained up but it’s pretty tame in my eyes. I guess I’ve seen too many horror movies or something. I half expected George to torture Mickey or cut off a finger or punch him or something but nope. Ultimately, I was conflicted on who to root for.

There is one moment of nice looking gore near the touching ending but it’s too little too late. The film succeeds during its more comedic moments, leaning heavily into black comedy territory.

Overall, Villains is fun. Yes, the horror elements are lacklustre. Still, this is more of a dark comedy/drama film. In that regard, I feel it delivers something worth your time. Just be aware going in that it doesn’t really deliver the horror.


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  • Villains - 6.5/10
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