Horror Movie Review: Undying Love (1991)

‘Tis the season of love… vampire love.

Undying Love aka New York Vampire is a romance horror with fangs, written and directed by Gregory Lamberson. It stars Tommy Sweeney, Julie Lynch and Andrew Lee Barrett.

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Sweeney plays Scott Kelly, a young man suffering from depression. Having finally had enough, he cuts his wrists in the bathtub. However, he is found by his girlfriend Leslie (Mary Huner) and survives.

Life goes on but Scott is even more depressed having been unable to end his life. To try and help him feel better, his friend invites him to a house party. Once there, Scott has a miserable time. That is until he locks eyes with the attractive and mysterious model named Camilla (Julie Lynch).

Scott is instantly smitten, regardless of his current relationship, and decides to peruse Camilla. Her interest in his macabre stories of death and his lack of interest in life seems to excite her and before you know it, they’re hooking up.

Camilla is a vampire though and, while having sex, she bites and drinks his blood. Over the next few days, Tommy begins to change and crave blood. Confused, he confronts Camilla who reveals that she is a centuries old vampire and wants Scott to join her in living forever as lovers.

There are a few problems though… for starters, an ex-detective is on her trail and getting closer to putting a stake through her heart. Then there is the vampire group that Camilla currently runs with, led by the jealous Evan (Andrew Lee Barrett) and of course, Scott’s current girlfriend.

Gritty, low-budget, no-frills cinema. Undying Love wears its heart on its sleeve and offers no shocks or surprises across its short run-time. It’s a vampire story we’ve seen before but tells its story competently enough.

The cast are decent, special mention has to go to Tommy Sweeney’s Scott, who plays a depressed young man with nothing to enjoy in life, really well. He’s memorable but so is Julie Lynch’s Camilla, who oozes sex appeal and convincingly portrays a vampire who has been around for centuries.

Where the movie falls down is in its slow pacing, lack of tradition (these vampires can be killed with guns) and lack of stakes. No pun intended. When your main character wanted to die and will now live forever, it should create an intense conflict in his mind. Alas, that never comes to fruition and instead the focus switches to Camilla.

Neither good or bad, this one sits squarely in the middle.


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Undying Love (1991)
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