Horror Movie Review: The Quarry (2011)

It’s another entry in my least favourite type of horror, the found footage movie. With so many that use this filming style, it is a real minefield trying to find the quality amongst the many bad movies.

So which side does The Quarry land on?

Four college students camped out at a deserted quarry. They disappeared and two days later their camera was found. The footage on it is what we’re about to watch.

Quarry 2

That brief synopsis will be enough to put most seasoned horror fans off. We’ve seen this same found-footage movie over and over again but hey? Maybe once it gets going it shows some level of originality, right?

No, it’s by the numbers, playing it safe ensuring it’s completely unremarkable. Not only that it ticks all the unwatchable boxes that so many other movies in this style do. We’re talking unwatchable footage, bad sound, terrible characters and motion sickness. What a complete waste of time The Quarry is.

Quarry 1

It could have been better though as the location is pretty solid and it captures the imagination. The trip to the quarry sets up the characters relationships and once they’re there it’s time to party. Then nothing happens followed by more nothing, followed by even more nothing…the first hour of this film, nothing happens!

The final 20 minutes is when things actually start to happen as the group come under attack from a man. Cue lots of screaming, running in the dark and really annoying up close shots where we have no idea what is happening. It’s better then the first 60 minutes as at least SOMETHING is happening but just nothing worth watching.

Quarry 3

When such little effort is put in to making a film, there almost seems no point in putting in the effort to write a review. This isn’t a film that anyone is going to be talking about, it simply exists as one of many bad found-footage horrors.

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The Quarry
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