Horror Movie Review: The God Inside My Ear (2017)

Elizia (Linnea Gregg) is a young woman whose life begins to fall apart when she is unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend so he can join some sort of cult. She’s devastated and seemingly without purpose, quickly slipping into depression.

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Her world is falling apart and not in the ‘conventional’ way as stranger and stranger events begin to occur. She begins to be stalked by a telemarketer that takes way too much of an interest in her, she has conversations with her neighbour’s dog, is spooked by a garden gnome and claims to her friends that she has seen god.

Is Elizia just going crazy or are their more sinister forces at work here?

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The most notable things about The God Inside My Ear is first the acting of Linnea Gregg, who does a really impressive job here. The second is how stylish the film is. That this is writer/director Joe Badon’s debut feature film is truly incredible and that it was made in 13 days for a mere $8,000 is even more amazing.

Elizia goes on an emotionally fraught journey that begins with the breakup. She seems like a down to earth, head-screwed on kind of girl until the break-up. That one life-changing event forces her to re-evaluate everything and look at the world differently. Linnea Gregg nails this, every single emotion covered perfectly and convincingly.

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She is the star but credit must also be given to the rest of the cast who play their roles well and offer Elizia support in a number of odd ways.

While watching The God Inside My Ear you might wonder just where the horror comes into it. The thing about it is it’s not about graphic gore or jump scares, instead it’s way more psychological. We’re watching a woman’s descent into madness, seeing her helplessness and sharing in it.

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It’s a trippy, hypnotic film that has elements of David Lynch in it as it blends surrealism with psychological horror. It’s never completely clear just what is going on and even its ending might leave you scratching your head but it’s not unsatisfying.

Well worth a watch. Check out the trailer below.


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The God Inside My Ear
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