Horror Movie Review: The Ghosts of Monday (2022)

When a film has four writers listed; Andy Edwards, Barry Keating, Mark Thompson-Ashworth, and Francesco Cinquemani, the latter of which also directed the film, things aren’t looking good. That many different writers suggest a confused movie, and The Ghosts of Monday certainly proves to be that.

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Set in Cyprus, the Hotel Gula is an opulent hotel that has been abandoned for over twenty years. Ever since a banquet ended in mass death via rat poison at the hands of an unknown person. The doors were closed, the locals shunned it, and it grew a reputation for being haunted.

Which makes it the perfect place for a ghost hunting show to visit and film within. A show hosted by the lecherous Bruce (Julian Sands), directed by the hot-headed director Eric (Mark Huberman), and assisted by a crew that includes Eric’s ex-wife, and Bruce’s daughter, Sofia (Marianna Rosset). All under the watchful eye of the hotel’s new owners, Frank (Anthony Skordi) and Rosemary (Maria Ioannou).

They all want a ghost sighting and it seems as though the Hotel Gula is sure to deliver.

Which it does, much to the surprise of no-one watching the movie. The Ghosts of Monday follows a tired path at first, feeling really familiar, even if a strong cast and good location does create interest in what is happening.

We hear about the hotel’s history, which is delightfully dark, and quickly get up to speed on who hates who. The suggestion that the group are not alone within the walls of the hotel becomes more apparent and things start to get more and more unusual.

Same old, same old, and then the film shifts in jarring fashion. Transforming into a slasher that has more in common with a Giallo then a supernatural horror. Everything about the movie changes here and to call it confusing, is an understatement. For many it will just be too much.

If you’re one of them, no-one would blame you.

The Ghosts of Monday made it abundantly clear it was going down the supernatural route and then yanked the rug out violently. If that wasn’t bad enough, it has another shift that brings in cults, sacrifices, ancient deities, and the end of the world. The Ghosts of Monday tries to do so much and doesn’t really stick the landing on any of it.

Which is a real shame as there is a lot to like about it.

Firstly, the location is wonderful and it feels like a place that has seen too much. The cast are strong, with special mention going to Julian Sands who really steals the show, and their characters have just enough development to make them feel real. There are some great effects, and as silly as it gets, it does entertain.

All that being said, the absurd tone and story shifts are all any one will remember come the end. It’s hard not to wonder if this is the cause of having four writers working on it.


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