Horror Movie Review: The Furies (2019)

The Furies is a brutal survival horror from Tony D’Aquino. This gore shocker from Australia is a blood-pumping cat and mouse game; not for the faint-hearted which sees two young women kidnapped from their local neighbourhood by a mysterious assailant.

Kayla (Airlie Dodds) wakes up in unfamiliar territory, aware that something terrible has been done to her and what’s in store promises to be much worse. With no sign of her best friend, Maddie (Ebony Vagulans); Kayla must navigate the endless forest as she is hunted by several masked maniacs thirsty for blood and carnage. Along the way she meets other women in the same predicament, begging the questions, why have they been selected, and will they band together or turn on one another in a survival of the fittest scenario?

The Furies is a movie with a great concept, but one I feel could have been executed better. I honestly came out of this film more confused than I went in. Personally, I feel there are way too many unanswered questions and the ending is way too big of a cliff hanger. You shouldn’t need to watch the sequel to see the ending of a movie. With an hour and 20 minute runtime there was definitely room for a little more.

Fortunately, The Furies is executed well enough to be highly enjoyable, just don’t think too hard about it. Airlie Dodds delivers a fantastic performance and even though I know very little about her relationship with Maggie, I was able to feel the weight of her emotion due to her portrayal. The “beasts” themselves are each unique and look awesome but perhaps there could have been a little more to them.

Finally, the gore effects are incredible, really nasty looking shit. Additionally, the setting is gorgeous and the perfect landscape for a horror.

Overall, great concept with fantastic gore but leaves you with too many questions and with no solid ending. You have to make assumptions about pretty much everything so it only leaves you confused when they start adding more twists with none of the details. Not one I would watch again without a sequel but worth watching for the quality acting performances.


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The Furies
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