Horror Movie Review: The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021)

Writer/director/producer Scott Jeffery is becoming a bit a regular on this website, as are names like Nicola Wright and Kate Sandison, who both have a starring role in The Curse of Humpty Dumpty.

Now, it’s easy to see the title of this movie and envision it as a low-budget shlock-fest attempting to make something scary that just isn’t scary. There have been more than enough that follow this exact formula for better or worse.

The Curse of Humpty Dumpty certainly attempts this but, as is often the case with Scott Jeffery’s movies, it also has depth and takes some brave steps in dealing with difficult subject matters. More so, when portrayed in a horror film.

Be prepared to be surprised in a good way.

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Wendy (Wright) has been diagnosed with early-stage dementia. So, her daughters Liz (Sian Altman) and Hazel (Antonia Whillans) decide to take her back to the country home they were raised in. Their hope is that location will help ease her mind and the familiarity will help her memory.

It’s a solid idea and a solid set-up that leads to some dark memories being unearthed relating to their childhood, deceased father and the extremely creepy Humpty Dumpty doll. A doll that Wendy insists belongs to her as she owned it years prior. Something the girls don’t remember.

This Humpty Dumpty doll… you aren’t letting this thing within a mile of your home. So, when it comes to life and starts to attack people, it’s no surprise. Except the clever writing and phenomenal performance of Nicola Wright do not make it as clear cut as that.

This is where Wendy’s debilitating disease comes into play. An angle that could really have fallen flat and even been insulting in the hands of a lesser writer. Here, the focus is on the impact dementia has. Not just on the person suffering from it but the people around her. They question the reality of things and so do we.

Is Humpty Dumpty really responsible or is Wendy’s disease causing her lose her grip on reality? A surprising slice of downbeat quality that makes you think while also delivering some solid scares.


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The Curse of Humpty Dumpty (2021)
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