Horror Movie Review: The Cabin (2018)

The Cabin is the debut feature of Johan Bodell and sees a young American couple named Rose (Caitlin Crommett) and Harry (Christopher Lee Page) looking to rekindle their relationship. They plan to do this by visiting Harry’s family cabin in a remote part of the countryside.

Quickly it’s established that the pair’s relationship is in a bad way. They bicker nonstop and at times are verbally and physically abusive to each other. Truth be told they can barely tolerate each other and this getaway seems like a really bad idea.

Cabin 2

…and it is but not just because their relationship is on the rocks. No, you see someone else has also decided to visit for the weekend. Someone with a different kind of relaxation in mind. Whatever Rose and Harry feel for each other right now stops being the problem when this other visitor comes knocking.

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Devoid of originality, it’s easy to dismiss The Cabin off the cuff straight away but that would be an unwise decision as this Swedish horror/thriller is a very good film. A pedestrian story is freshened up by the couple in question pretty much hating each other’s guts which gives it a more unique twist.

How they truly feel about each other is put to the test when the local nut comes to pay them a visit. The psychotic neighbour played excellently by Erik Kammerland has no motives, he just seems to enjoy butchering and dismembering his victims.

Cabin 4

This is shown in a staggeringly well-done scene. As emotional music plays out, we flip between Rose and Harry having a blazing row and the killer cutting up a body in gruesome fashion. This might be one of my favourite horror scenes of 2018, it’s that well done.

A lot of this can be put down to Caitlin Crommett and Christopher Lee Page. Who deliver convincing performances and make their relationship believable.

Cabin 5

If The Cabin is found lacking it is in the final quarter of the movie where Rose is drawn into a cat and mouse style chase and realises that she does love Harry. Here it’s all a bit too standard slasher stuff to really enjoy.

A black mark on an otherwise exceptional horror and I’d love to know if the mask featured throughout is a nod to 1983 cult classic horror Curtains. It certainly looks very familiar!

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The Cabin will be available on VOD/DVD December 4th 2018 from High Octane Pictures.


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The Cabin
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