Horror Movie Review: TerrorVision (1986)

TerrorVision is a horror-comedy film that was directed by Ted Nicolaou, it released in 1986. A ravenous monster is transported to Earth but more specifically the Putterman residence. Stanley Putterman just invested in a new, state of the art satellite dish. Unfortunately, the monster can use the signal to travel between and hide within televisions. It will eat and absorb anyone that it comes into contact with. That’s unless Sherman can figure out a way to tame the beast.

Sherman Putterman and his survivalist grandfather set out to enjoy a night of horror films hosted by Medusa. Meanwhile, Sherman’s parents go out to meet some swingers. Also, his sister Suzy goes out with her rocker boyfriend O.D. Sherman and his grandfather eventually fall asleep, but are awakened when the Hungry Beast materializes out of the TV and eats the grandfather. Sherman’s parents later arrive along with swingers Cherry and Spiro. Despite Sherman’s plea, his mother locks him in the fallout shelter so he will not ruin their evening.

Sherman tries calling the police, but they take him to be a prank caller. He also calls Medusa, but she dismisses him as a psychotic. Later, the Beast travels through the television into the house’s sex-themed “Pleasure Dome”. It eats Cherry, and imitates her to lure Spiro. Also, Sherman’s parents get eaten after they discover the remains of the swingers.

Sherman’s sister doesn’t believe his story about a monster. Soon after though, they encounter the Beast in another room. They then discover that they can temporarily subdue the Beast with food and television.

Want to know what happens next? Check out TerrorVision to find it.

TerrorVision is a film that has its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. I mean that in the best way possible, it’s a lot of fun. Almost immediately you get the sense that everything is being done in an intentionally over the top manner. The actors deliver lines in a comedic fashion and pull silly expressions while doing so. It’s all very cheesy but enjoyably so. It even has its very own original song as part of the soundtrack.

This movie is a clear homage to those low-budget, late night monster flicks you’d catch on some random horror channel. It perfectly captures the vibe of something that’s so bad that it’s good. I could be completely wrong but like I said, it feels intentional to me.

The story is super simple. A sort of boy who cried wolf tale. It serves its purpose well enough and I really liked how they integrated the Medusa character.

The effects throughout are a bit hit and miss. The house itself looks like a set and O.D. has the fakest looking wig I’ve ever seen. However, the monster itself holds up incredibly well. I mean, it has its shortcomings. Still, I couldn’t help appreciate the amount of effort that had gone into it. There are some gruesome looking kills. Heads get crushed, faces get melted and people get transformed into weird tentacle creatures. It still manages to stay fairly tame considering there is no blood whatsoever. Lots of green ooze though, lots and lots of ooze or is it sexual lubricant?

  • The Final Score - 8/10
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