Horror Movie Review: Terrifier (2018)

All Hallows Eve, released in 2013 introduced us to Art the Clown, a homicidal clown. An average anthology, it was the violent & psychotic killer that stood out. Seemingly aware of that, writer and director Damien Leone has taken the character & based an entire film around him. Terrifier puts the maniac front and centre in a slasher horror that bucks the modern trend by being very entertaining.

Terrifier 2

The plot is straight-forward enough. It’s Halloween night & two young women have been out for the night. Realising they need to sober up before driving home they step into a late-night pizzeria followed shortly by Art.

He is exceedingly sinister, the make-up on him is fantastic and his toothy grin will haunt your dreams. The girls are a little bit freaked out by his behaviour but it being Halloween they dismiss it.

Terrifier 3

After Art is kicked out by the owner, the girls return to their car but one is desperate for the loo. Seeing a chance to dive into a run-down building that is being fumigated, she heads inside but unfortunately Art isn’t far behind.

More characters are introduced naturally giving the clown plenty of victims to slash his way through & slash he does. Terrifier is exceedingly violent & gory, it’s eye-watering stuff. Art has no qualms about dishing out the damage, doing so with glee.

Terrifier 6

He is the star & if you’re frightened of clowns this is not a movie that will help. His playful nature is creepy and his enjoyment of the violence that he produces makes him a modern-day killer that most will remember.

The effects are fantastic, you see everything here often up close. Whether Art is sawing a woman in half from the crotch to her head or skinning another to wear her skin, Terrifier is brutal.

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Thankfully it’s not the only positive about the film. A well-acted cast play off Art perfectly and there are a few shocks thrown in that even long-time horror fans won’t expect. It’s paced well (aside from the occasional slow moment) and even the annoyance of characters not using weapons enough can be over-looked for the pure entertainment of this horror.

Terrifier 4

Art the Clown is a modern-day horror figure that few will forget once they’ve seen. Forget Pennywise, there’s a new clown in town & he wants to play…with your blood and guts.


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