Horror Movie Review: My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 (2010)

A slasher horror sequel based off the MTV show My Super Sweet 16? Sure, why the hell not. You can read our review of the first movie here.

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Part two of My Super Psycho Sweet 16 was released a year after the part one. It picks up soon after the events of the first. Opening with an obvious dream sequence, something this sequel does a few too many times. Skye (Lauren McKnight) witnesses the deaths of her on/off love interest, Brigg (Chris Zylka) & best friend, Derek (Matt Angel) at the hands of her psychotic father, Charlie (Alex Van).

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Waking from the dream, Skye decides to leave her past behind & heads off to reconcile with her mother. A mother who abandoned her when she was young & who has a family of her own now. Unfortunately for Skye, the past is following her. Charlie knows where she is & is still determined to reunite with his daughter.

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This all culminates on Skye’s 16th birthday at a party thrown by her half-sister, Alex (Kirsten Prout) & her friend, Zoe (Stella Maeve) who also happens to be prescription drug addict. Zoe uses Skye’s hidden past as leverage to get her to supply her with drugs. Though she fails to realise that Charlie may not be the only psychotic one in the family now.

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The most surprising thing about My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is that it’s a damn good slasher horror. An improvement over the first & one that builds excitement to see how the trilogy ends!

A stronger story with more fleshed out characters results in a much more entertaining film. Focus is taken off the lesser interesting characters such as Brigg & put on Skye, her half-sister Alex & Zoe. Skye’s reasons for running make sense & it ends up tying up the mother side of her story. She wants to be somewhere where her name isn’t associated with death so works at keeping the past quiet. Something that comes back to seriously bite her in ass eventually & sets up the final movie.

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Being only 85 minutes long the movie doesn’t hang about. Skye runs to her mother, Charlie follows, the new cast are introduced then the party happens. All while Brigg & Derek attempt to track her down. These parts are the moments where the film loses its way. Brigg is now madly in love with Skye to the point of obsession. While Derek has a new girlfriend that is jealous of his affection for his best friend.

This girl, Courtney (Gina Rodriguez) approaches Derek in the school hallway, they connect & the next time we see them they are a couple. It’s so under-developed that when Derek is forced to choose between her & Skye it really doesn’t make sense why he would choose Courtney.

While the body count might not be higher here, it is far more brutalising & impactful. The scene of one character going up in flames & running out of the party as Brigg watches in horror is very impressive. The film isn’t shy about splashing the gore around & several important characters are killed off including one that particularly shocks!

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The set-up for the third & final movie is smart & believable. After the bloodbath that is the ending you’d be left wondering where the story could go from here but it teases the next step perfectly.

A very good sequel that drops a lot of the campy elements of the first resulting in a more exciting & believable film. The only time the film breaks that immersion is with its attempt to make you believe that any of these characters are 16. I mean, seriously!?

My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2
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