Horror Movie Review: Summit (2014)

Disappointing is the word that comes to mind once the credits roll on Summit. Disappointing as the investment of time just doesn’t feel worth it in the end.

The initial premise is one that is very familiar to horror/thriller fans. A group of young adults are off on a ski-trip but reliance on a sat-nav costs them when they get lost. We’re not talking just lost here, we’re talking really lost. They find a seemingly abandoned house and decide to hold up inside away from the cold.

Summit 2

Hunger, exhaustion and cold begins to take its toll on the group. However, more worryingly is the suggestion that the house might not be as abandoned as they thought.

As bland as the story is, Summit tells it well and sets up its characters nicely. It has to be said that they’re all pretty defined and although the acting is hit and miss, it’s never really a problem. These are characters that feel as though they have actually known each other for a decent amount of time, baring one.

Summit 3

The opening shot of a bloody body in the snow suggest that we’re in for a bit of a wild ride but that is not the case at all. Instead Summit goes for a the slow-burn approach. Saving the thrills for the final few minutes. It’s just a real pity that those ‘thrills’ are such a let-down.

It’s cliched and unexciting with one character in particular using a year’s supply of swear words in a couple of minutes. Nor is it particularly shocking and it’s fairly predictable with no real explanation offered either. This isn’t one you take away and think about. It’s one you shake your head at for dropping the ball hard.

Summit 4

It really is a shame as the setup is solid and it’s filmed competently even if it’s very low budget. The location is gold and you do get the impression that the group are really isolated. The paranoia that ends up tearing the group apart is built well. Ultimately though it culminates in a lack of imagination on where to take it.


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