Horror Movie Review: Species II (1998)

Coming 3 years after the surprisingly successful alien sci-fi/horror hybrid Species, this sequel effectively re-treads the plot of the first movie but with a man in the role of the alien villain. You can read our review of the first movie right here.

Natasha Henstridge returns but not as the alien Sil seeing as she was killed at the end of the first film. No, she is a clone of Sil called Eve, docile & on the side of humanity now. Also returning to reprise their roles are Michael Madsen and Marg Helgenberger.

Species II 1

The movie opens in space as we see a manned mission to Mars to collect soil samples end in success. However the team, led by Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard) accidentally bring aboard an alien substance at the same time as the soil samples. When it attacks them they lose contact with mission control for 7 minutes. Once contact is restored the crew have no idea about what just happened so head back to Earth.

Once back on Earth they go their separate ways while being celebrated for their accomplishments. That night, while engaging in a threesome, Patrick spouts tentacles & impregnates the two women. They both give birth within minutes in a violent & very graphic scene (it’s awesome).

Species II 3

Frightened, Patrick takes the newly born kids & hides them on his father’s ranch, a US senator played by the always excellent James Cromwell.

NASA becomes aware that the crew didn’t come back alone so set about testing the crew where it’s discovered that Patrick has the alien DNA in him. Forced to act, Press Lennox (Madsen) is called in & teamed back up with Laura Baker (Helgenberger). Baker reveals Eve to Lennox who is naturally not impressed with seeing his old enemy regardless of her alignment now.

Species II 2

When Patrick births another son at the expense of his fiance’s life, he attempts to end it all, blowing off his head with a shotgun. Unfortunately, the alien DNA regenerates removing all humanity from Patrick once & for all. Now he has one goal, mate with as many women as possible. That is until he gets wind of Eve.

Alien sex…

Species II 5

Species II doesn’t improve upon the original nor does it offer anything fresh or particularly interesting. Instead the gore & nudity is turned up resulting in at least an entertaining watch. The acting is perfectly fine with Lazard & Henstridge standing out in their respective roles as alien/human hybrids. With returning characters there is no need to delve anymore into their history but it is unfortunate that the relationship between Press & Laura isn’t explored a bit more.

Here the duo take a bit more of a backseat role to Patrick’s alien & his shuttle crew-mate, Dennis (Mykelti Williamson). He’s an irritating character shoved in to make bad jokes but is integral to the finale.

Species II 6

The story is fast-paced with very little room given for character development. The most we get revolves around Patrick & his father, an interesting & well-thought-out plot point regarding the last vestibules of Ross’ humanity.

There’s a bit more learnt about the alien lifeforms, where they come from & what their purpose might actually be which was a nice touch.

However what Species II really just wants to show you is boobs, boobs & blood. There is so much nudity that you’ll start to wonder if you’ve got the wrong film & you’re watching soft-core porn instead. Really weird soft-core porn.

Species II 7

The body count is high here & no-one dies nicely. It’s nasty violence & while the effects don’t always hold up well it has got some nice gory moments that will put a smile on your face. In an attempt to top the original, things get sillier as the movie goes on with the icing on the cake being death by alien blowjob. Hilarious, yes. However, it’s unlikely that was the intended reaction considering just who is involved.

Species II 4

Species II ends in disappointment having blown it’s load before it really got going. It’s an ending that involves a whole host of shoulder shrugging & sequel baiting. Yes, there is a Species III.


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