Horror Movie Review: Slime City (1988)

A cult classic, Slime City is a gross out horror comedy that is layered in 80’s cheese and gory effects.

Robert Sabin plays Alex, a young man who thinks he has found the perfect apartment to move into. Who cares about the seductive neighbour, the unusual punk rocker who wants to have dinner with him or the massacre that took place within the basement!

Slime City 2

None of that’s really the problem though. No, the problem is that Alex’s body is changing into some sort of slime creature and the only way he can restore himself to normal is to kill. Just what does the buildings occupants know about this and will Alex’s girlfriend be able to save him?

Silly, oh so gloriously silly. Slime City is a film of a time-period. You wouldn’t see a movie like this made nowadays and it is quite a surprise to not see the Troma name attached to something like this.

Slime City 3

The story is a bit deeper then you might expect too as it delves into possession and satanic rituals. An added bonus to an enjoyable trashy flick.

No-one is going to be winning any awards for acting but it hardly matters as the only reason to watch Slime City is for the gore. If you don’t have a strong stomach, you really won’t enjoy this as Alex’s slimy body is really nasty to look at.

Slime City 4

As madness takes over his mind, he gets more and more brutal resulting in some decent and effectively gory moments. This all pays off wonderfully with a showdown between a psychotic Alex and his girlfriend. The budget went on effects here as the blood flows, the slime erupts and stomachs turn.

Slime City 5

Enjoy Slime City for what it is. An 80’s gore-fest that has one aim and one aim alone, to make you throw up.

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Slime City
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