Horror Movie Review: Slashlorette Party (2020)

From the writing and directing team of Paul Ragsdale and Angelica De Alba comes Slashorette Party. An entertaining throwback slasher with some great comedy moments and lashings of blood.

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Molly Souza stars as Brie, a bride-to be who is having serious reservations about marrying Dolph (Andrew Brown). We see just how deep her worries go as the opening of the film shows her dreaming about him stabbing her death at the altar.

Brie is convinced she should call off the wedding, encouraged by her friend Nia (Nina Lanee Kent) and even telling her therapist (Ginger Lynn) as much. However, her maid of honour Alexa (Brooke Morris) convinces her to give Dolph another chance and attend her bachelorette party. A combined party for both the bride and groom, staying at an isolated cabin with their closest friends.

Party hard! Party until you drop. Which is exactly what happens as a pair of masked individuals begin to pick off the group one by one. All while Brie fights the urge to dump Dolph and reveal her secret to everyone.

There’s plenty of meat to be stabbed here and honestly, most will be getting a lot of joy seeing these horrible people murdered. That might sound messed up but seriously, Slashorette Party is filled with characters you will just hate. Some, like the sexist and obnoxious pig Dolph or the disrespectful Trinity, are on purpose. Others, like Brie herself seem to be designed to be more sympathetic but actually comes across selfish and entitled.

She’s a grown woman who is wrestling with the decision to not marry a man she hates – this really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Thankfully Slashorette Party knows that you’re looking forward to some bloody violence and slowly ups the ante with an array of kills, all using practical effects. The killings start off slow but the film really dials it up as it moves into the third act. Don’t worry, your bloodthirst will be sated.

It might sound par for the course but it is very entertaining, in a simplistic horror way. Where Slashorette Party differs is by revealing who its killers are early on and instead throws an unexpected curveball. The reveal and ensuing comedy, thanks mainly to the wonderful Drew Marvick who is consistently hilarious in all his movies, is well worth it.

Unfortunately, a lot of that good work is undone by a pretty disappointing finale. One that is head-scratching in its stupidity and just ends up feeling like such a let-down. You gotta stick the landing and Slashorette Party ends up tripping and breaking an ankle.


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