Horror Movie Review: Rage of the Mummy (2018)

Written, directed, edited starring (and much more) by Dennis Vincent, Rage of the Mummy is an old-fashioned monster movie told in the style of an anthology with comic book page transitions ala Creepshow.

Unsurprisingly, the story surrounds a mummy. Awakened when thirteen relics are stolen from its tomb by an occultist group. The mummy sets out to recover the items and get revenge on those that stole them.

Rage 2

Credit to Vincent, he has created an entertaining horror comedy that is stylish to look at and to listen too. The film pops off the screen with bright and colourful visuals and the comic book transitions look great. These are really smartly weaved into the story, allowing more complex moments to be shown in a simpler way and moving the story from one location to another.

It has all the feel of an old-school monster movie with the plot paying homage to the Universal Mummy movies. You know how it goes, fortune and glory kid…just ignore the curse.

Rage 3

It’s great to see the cast have some fun in their roles too. Clearly a lot of enjoyment was gained being part of this movie and that comes across to the viewer. As well as the general gleefulness, Rage of the Mummy has some laughs. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a hilarious movie or anything but it has moments where you’ll find a chuckle or two escape from your body.

Rage 4

There isn’t a lot of call for effects but the mummy itself looks pretty good (played by Vincent himself) and the whole ‘bandages shooting from fingers’ thing I liked. It’s not a gore-fest as you’d expect with a tribute to classic monster movies but that just makes it feel all the more authentic.

Regardless of its low budget nature, Rage of the Mummy has charm and is more than watchable thanks to the clear love and effort put in.

Rage of the Mummy
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